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An outstanding opportunity to enjoy nature at its very best

Let us introduce you to one of the world's best destinations for lovers of nature and the great outdoors. The Arizona Sky Village was set up to provide astronomers with access to clear, dark skies where they can enjoy and share their hobby with like-minded people. Its location was chosen carefully by Jack Newton, the leading astrophotographer, with astronomy in mind but it also happens to be one of the premiere bird-watching locations in North America and is at the mouth of Cave Creek Canyon in the beautiful Chiricahua Mountains. The picture shows Jack Newton's house; this is the view from the picture windows in our house,

The village itself is a low-impact development designed to preserve the unspoilt beauty of the area. Single-storey homes on large plots are dotted about in the desert at the foot of the mountains giving access to lovely scenery and a wealth of wildlife. Strict planning rules ensure the night sky remains dark to reveal its natural beauty.

Once the stamping grounds of Apache chiefs such as Cochise and Geronimo the area is rich in game. Abundant pottery shards show the sites of former indian camps. Monuments mark the locations of significant events in the history of the area which involved many conflicts between white settlers, native americans and Mexicans.

Desert birds, mountain birds and migratory species travelling between Mexico and the north make up a rich diet for the bird watcher, whether novice or dedicated twitcher. Javelinas, Coati, Jack Rabbits, Cottontails and many other animals are seen regularly. More rarely mountain lions and black bears may be glimpsed.

Each time we visit the sky village we find new and unexpected delights. We hope this web site will give you a flavour of the pleasure that awaits you and look forward to having you visit our home there. 'Arizona is not for everyone' but if you like to leave your armchair behind and enjoy the wide open outdoors then we are sure you will have a truly memorable holiday.

Guest Recommendation

Janet S wrote sent this note after her visit in October 2012.

" Thank you for a lovely stay in your Sky Village house, we had clear bright skys every night an amazing sight, the wildlife was fantastic, a Jack rabbit greeted us as we arrived sitting outside the back door, we put some water out and had a coyote, antelope squirrel, cottontail rabbit, 3 javelina which was a big surprise and a large assortment of birds including a roadrunner. A rattlesnake frightened us as we nearly stepped on him, we think he lives under the roll off roof building.

Its a shame The Sky Gypsy place is closed, we had a good look around and its starting to get overgrown, we also went to sit at Cave Creek Ranch and Southwestern Research Centre to watch the birds, fantastic places. We had 3 days away in New Mexico, a long way to go but well worth it.

Arizona is such a fabulous place how can anyone not enjoy it and now part of the road to your property has been tarmaced much easier to get to your house.

Thank you again for renting us you lovely house."

What to do next

We recommend you browse this site to get a feel for the ASV. Besides the general descriptions we have included reports on several of our visits which give a more personal view of what it's like. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a visit then please phone Green Witch on 01767 677288 (international +44 1767 677288) or email Neil

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